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The SilverScreen Redemption

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Hollywood is out of ideas, and we're embracing it

Instead of whining about how there's nothing original anymore, we're taking advantage of the situation. We know that moviegoers like to see what's familiar to them. Why are there so many Marvel movies? One word: Capitalism.

And we're here for it because we're red-blooded Americans. SilverScreen Studios 2 was founded with 1 purpose: make a podcast that brainstorms and workshops sequel concepts with the help of our listeners and then get super rich making them. At least we think that's how it works.


Did You Know?

61% of movies released between 2005 and 2014 were an "adaptation, sequel, spin-off, remake, or other such derivative work"

Did you also know that derivative is just a fancy word for "genius"?

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5-Star Reviews

Love the podcast! I find myself getting excited for these supposed sequels to come out. It definitely makes me think more critically about the movies I watch, and ignites the imagination!
— Houston's Alt Account, probably
The thing I like about this podcast is that they are very relatable to the average movie lover. You don’t need to have been in film school to get where they are coming from. Also the movies they pitch are ridiculously amazing. I would watch them for sure.
— Anonymous iTunes Reviewer
I just love it!
— You, after you start listening

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