Ep. 19 - Hunt for the Wilderpeople: Under the Same Moon (Feat. Jake and Krystal Bush)

Houston was off getting married this week, but we were fortunate to have Jake and Krystal Bush, two of our studio executives with us as we back away from the big-budget Marvel movies of last week and explore a couple of lesser-known, quirky, indie flicks that are more in sync with each other than the Hiphopapotamus and the Rhymenocerous... That's a Flight of the Conchords reference... They're in this movie...

Spoilers: Hunter for the Wilderpeople, Moonrise Kingdom, Flight of the Conchords

Feature Movie: Hunt for the Wilderpeople: Under the Same Moon

Inspired by: Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Moonrise Kingdom

Directed by: Taika Waititi and Wes Anderson

Starring: Sam Neill, Julian Dennison, Bill Murray, Bret McKenzie, Jemaine Clement, Rhys Darby

Tagline: No Child Left Behind!

Music courtesy of bensound.com

Bryan Parry