Ep. 29 - Gnome Alone/Gnome-tergeist

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Did you know Elton John is the executive producer of Sherlock Gnomes? Yeah, *that* Elton John. That's why the movies are filled with his gnomber one hit songs. Anyways, we made a sequel to it without knowing that. Man, I bet we could have done some good Elton John references. Like…there could be a gnome who is a Tiny Dancer? Honestly they could have done that in Sherlock Gnomes and Gnomeo and Juliet and we wouldn't know because we've never seen these movies. This sequel is really good though. Also the other sequel. That's right. We made 2 sequels for your enjoyment this episode--one for the kids and one definitely not for the kids.

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Spoilers: Gnome (None)

Featured Movie: Double Feature: Gnome Alone & Gnometergeist

Inspired by: Sherlock Gnomes, The Nutcracker

Directed by: Christopher Gnome-lan (Nolan)

Starring: Gnome-y Depp, Gnome-ily Blunt, Gnomes McAvoy and Matthew McGnome-aughey

Tagline: Come see this movie! You recognize some of the actors in it!

Music courtesy of bensound.com

Bryan Parry