Ep. 30 - The Perfect Cast: Avengers Infinity War 2 Edition


IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN AVENGERS INFINITY WAR YET, READ HERE: Houston and Bryan typically like to make up fake spoilers for movies that have recently come out for comedic purposes. However, sometimes those fake spoilers are strangely on point. We make up fake spoilers for this episode, which are not completely accurate, but we do feel the spirit of it them are similar to the events of the movie. We didn't want to ruin anyone's experience with seeing Infinity War by chance so we delayed the release of this episode by a week in hopes that more listeners will have already seen it and encourage you, if you are sensitive to spoilers, to hold off listening to this episode before you have seen Avengers Infinity War, just in case we ruin the experience for you somehow. That said, enjoy the episode!.........

Houston's excitement for Infinity War combined with Bryan's superhero fatigue led to this soft reboot of the Avengers franchise. The fact that we recorded this before Infinity War came out combined with our tendency to make wild predictions about movies means we were actually about 50% right on this one--a percentage Thanos would be proud of.

Spoilers: Avengers: Infinity War

Featured Movie: The Perfect Cast: Avengers Infinity War 2 Edition

Inspired by: Avengers: Infinity War

Directed by: The Russo Brothers

Starring: Anthony Mackie, Ozzy Osbourne, Zoe Saldana, Donald Glover, Jack Black, Kathy Bates, Ellie Kemper, Marisa Tomei, Hugh Laurie, Bonnie Hunt, Rip Torn, and Josh Brolin

Tagline: Chris Hemsworth kisses us to safety!

Bryan Parry