Ep. 32 - The FroZone Story

The time has come. We've been relying on making sequels to other people's movies for too long. This time we made a sequel to our own movie that we also came up with this episode. We took lessons from some of the world's biggest franchises: Santo Contra el Cerebro del Mal, Wong Fei Hung, and Scooby Doo. Did I mention that by "big", I just mean that they have a lot of movies in them? Even Houston hadn't heard of half of these movies. Also, we try extremely hard to be very diverse in our casting and we end up crashing real hard. We are sorry in advance for being so white.
Anyways, follow along as we create the first 10,000-film franchise in the name of sustainability and profits.

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Spoilers: None

Featured Movie: The Cerebellum Serials: The Dual Identity

Inspired by: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_feature_film_series_with_more_than_twenty_entries

Directed by: 10,000 of the greatest up and coming directors of the next 10 millennia

Starring: Jackie Chan, Cristian Bale, and Matt Damon

Tagline: Everything's coming up Güdel!

Bryan Parry