Ep. 35 - The Redemption of Adam Sandler - Pixels: The Polygon Method

Honestly, we burned through a lot of the big movies this summer in the last one, so we were left with Hotel Transylvania 3. I think most people agree that Adam Sandler has really found where he belongs with the HT franchise, but we wanted to revisit some of his less successful outings to see what we could do to bring some SilverScreen Redemption-style redemption to this tortured soul. We like to think we made the best Adam Sandler movie of all time. Note: Adam Sandler is not in the film.

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Spoilers: None


Feature Movie: Pixels: The Polygon Method

Inspired by: Pixels

Directed by: Chris Columbus

Starring: Daniel Day-Lewis, Tony Danza, Kevin Hart, and Tim Allen

Bryan Parry