Ep. 48 - The Every Man (Y2K Special)


We all lived in fear of the technological disaster coming at the end of 1999, but didn't even see the technological disaster awaiting our podcast at the end of 2018 where we lost 2 episodes. But we're back and better than ever. In honor of our own personal Y2K, we did a 1999 vs. 2000 showdown and ended up making some kind of Fight Club/The Family Man mashup. Who even knows at this point? Happy New Year.

Spoilers: Fight Club, The Sixth Sense, Memento

Featured Movie: The Every Man

Inspired by: The Family Man

Directed by: David Lynch

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Tea Leone, Russell Crowe, Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, Haley Joel Osment

Tagline: Really Live!

Bryan Parry