Ep. 57 - Toy Story 5


We stumbled our way through potentially making such titles as Singin' with the Sharks, The Silence of the Sharks, and A Clockwork Dopey to give you what may deserve to be considered the most exploratory Toy Story ever made. Just when you thought the mysteries of the Toy Story universe couldn't get more complex, we decided to throw you right into the toy chest itself and make you ask dark existential questions. Also, Houston tries to describe Woody Allen as "neurotic" but instead switchs between calling him a druggie and undead (narcotic and necrotic).

Spoilers: West Side Story, A Clockwork Orange. Also, I guess some of the Toy Story Franchise.

Featured Movie: Toy Story 5

Inspired by: Toy Story and King Kong

Directed by: John Lassiter

Starring: Tom Hanks and Tim Allen

Tag Line: This one is going to be better than Toy Story 4.

Bryan Parry